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The Danish A/S Global Risk Management Ltd. Holding (GRM) was founded in 2004 and is a leading provider of customized bunkering hedging and risk management solutions.

Combining in-depth knowledge of the energy, finance, and transportation industries, she helps her clients protect their margins from the risk posed by notoriously volatile energy prices.

The website design of the GRM reflects its innovative services, while the basic concept arose from the very concept of risk management. The analytical data studies and blueprints used in the process of risk management, became the basis for the design of the new website. A strict and clear grid, on which the content was structured, enriched with visual elements that differ in volume and have simple lines, like those usually found in forms and graphs.

The typography also has a Doric and absolute character, creating a connection with the technical nature of the company’s services and modern design. The variations in sizes create the necessary tension between points, while complementing the corporate brand identity, which is also designed by Kommigraphics.

The intense green color also gives its own basis to a more modern and digital design line, emphasizing the line drawn daily towards the future by GRM itself.

Finally, the choice of style followed by the photographic material outplay any cliché and balances the technical structure of the website with a n image of renewal and evolution.

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