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Custom packaging design should tell a product’s unique story. A story that connects the product to its community. This story is the basic tool for an original, effective and creative packaging design!

We create custom packaging designs that effectively communicate the product’s characteristics and values to its end consumer.

Consequently, packaging design should successfully position products on the market in the best possible way by differentiating them from competion.

Hand crafted, custom packaging design is what can really differentiate a product between its rivals. Therefore, we always communicate with product owners right from the start of each project and throughout the design process. That’s to say, we gradually define the design goals through a two-way communication on each stage of the design implementation.

Above all, at the end of the process, each packaging must feature the desired result.

Likewise, another important parameter of packaging designs is the excellent knowledge of materials to use. The type of materials and printing technologies that we use, are elements that add value to the final outcome. Certainly, Kommigraphics’ team is always up to date with all new technologies and materials, always delivering the desired results.

Most importantly, with detailed research and in-depth know-how, we bring brands to life through original ideas and solid storytelling outcomes.

Browse our Kommigraphics portfolio and discover our unique and award-winning packaging work.



  • Initial Brief (01)
    The first step is to collect all relevant information for a project, get to understand the request. Our marketing, design and development departments analyses the request based on the information provided and draw a plan of action.

  • Meet up (02)
    Get to know each other, examine your needs and the best possible solutions that we can propose for your project. Every project is different, has its unique insights and reflects a vision. We need to get to know the driving force behind each project, that’s its people.

  • Quote (03)
    Having analyzed and discussed about your project, we draw an estimate based on the services needed and asked for. We believe in an open and fair discussion that can lead both parties on the delivery of a stunning result that can work and bring a total return of investment to any project we take on.

  • Custom Design (04)
    Custom design is our passion. We create solutions based on your exact needs, paying attention to every detail of the project, so that we deliver memorable results that truly engage our clients with their audiences.

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