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“DON Barber & Groom” is a sophisticated and timelessly elegant grooming space for men that are looking for excellent quality products and grooming services in the heart of Athens. “Don Barber & Groom” launches its own product line by the name of “Don Humanhood”.

“DON Barber & Groom” was launched back in 2012, when the “modern barber culture” was still in its very early stages, but it has always had as its niche audience, the modern man that has a high aesthetic and gets inspired by fashion and current trends.

The latter was the basis upon which we designed a series of packaging for the brand “Don Humanhood”, products that cover all mens’ needs. Our packaging design approach aims at positioning the brand as a men’s brand that expresses affordable luxury and competes aesthetically and qualitatively with its corresponding brands abroad.

The new packaging containers and clear on clear labels created an ideal canvas to create a distinct identity for “Don Humanhood”. A simple black glossy surface, features a typographic design with a semiotic character. The key element of the design and concept are the initials that symbolize the content of each product. Borrowing the first letters from the key words of each category such as Shaving cream + Face wash (S+F), we created the character and at the same time the main design feature.

The choice of the font as sans serif is targeted to complement the identity and logo of “DON Barber & Groom”, while maintaining the easy and immediate awereness of the label, even from a distance. The color complements the product categories and overall creates an interesting and distinct effect, avoiding complexity.

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