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“Tea for me” are high quality herbal blends selected with care, as what they offer is well-being and health at different moments of our daily life.

Delicious, made by tea experts, they are aimed at everyone that has an active way of life, based on well-being. The products are sold online, without being placed on physical stores, so they are mainly aimed at young and tech savvy people.

Kommigraphics packaging design has evolved over the idea of differentiating the packaging series by colors and shapes. The color palette is quite specific, so that buyers can easily identify the product they are interested in, while of course they correspond to the scope of each blend. For example, the colors are softer for the mixtures that refer to a feeling of relaxation and calmness, while more intense colors are found in blends that help us concentrate, feel energy or stimulation.

At the same time, each package has its own “blend” of shapes, since these are herbal blends and not individual tea varieties. Abstract structures of shapes, which have a “handmade” aesthetic that refers to the human factor and the attention that has been given to the preparation of each blend, from the collection of each herb to the final product. Finally, the simple lines of the shapes create an unpretentious character to a product, based on something so simple, but important, that is its quality.

In conclusion, we wanted this packaging design series to reflect joy and well-being, which is exactly what one gets from consuming the product itself.

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