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The “Proto” Milk Pasteurization Factory of the Patras Region Cow Breeders’ Cooperative, is a modern and vertical milk and yogurt production unit. From 1961 until today, it enables the people of Patras to have fresh, local milk every day at home.

Unpublished work for “Proto” Milm.

As the competition in dairy products is fierce, the need for repositioning the product is imperative.

We chose to focus on the renewal of the packaging iconographically, communicating the pasture through an almost folklore representation to add emotional value. The aim of the design was to highlight the quality of the product and also create the correct and fast visual recognition of each product code. For the fast and immediate detection of the product between the competition, we used an intense color separation with blue and green.

The logo – badge of the Cooperative was slightly redesigned so it doesn’t lose its recognizability, as well as all the other elements, were kept in monochrome (black) creating the correct hierarchy when read allowing the illustration to create a story!

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