• Art direction
    • Corporate Identity Design
    • Logo Design

Neoscreen Medical Ltd. was founded in 2007 as the Neonatal and Prenatal Testing Laboratory and expanded its activities into genetic testing for the detection of germline mutations.

We designed the company’s corporate identity and by using the white space and contrasts both in the typography and in the textures of the papers selected, we managed to attribute an image related to a laboratory and medical industry. The brand id design was carefully implemented in order to respect the company’s values, which are none other than attention to detail, precision, and consistency.

A monospace typography was used in all applications to communicate the technocratic background of the company as well as the way medical tests and diagnostic results are shown.

The typographic visualization of the DNA coil with the contact information on the “With Compliments” card, reinforces the connection of the designed identity with the company’s logo and creates a pleasant surprise while reading the content.

The gradient colors in the backgrounds of the applications, create a futuristic mood across the identity of the company, which is closely related to the nature of the company’s services.

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