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This website was designed for world-renowned chef Reto Mathis, who has developed a multitude of culinary businesses based in Switzerland and more specifically St. Moritz.

Their activities include restaurants, catering services, educational courses in the field of haute cuisine and retreats of corresponding content, sales of refined products, etc.

The overall aesthetic of the website was based on the sophisticated culinary experience customers experience when visiting the spaces developed by the chef. The gourmet character of his creations and the flavors that emerge from them are so special, an element that pushed us to create an identity that harmonizes with them, without competing with them.

The colors create a “light” and premium feel, which works a reference to the location of the restaurants, located on the usually snowed mountains of St. Moritz. The guests enjoy a unique “aerial” landscape with a view from above. A color palette that is reflecting earthy tones, reminiscent of the interior of restaurants, while at the same time complements the creations of the chef and creates imaginary “partitions” between the different sections of the website.

The large volumes occupied by the typography, as well as the choice of the two main fonts, form a “bridge” between the modern aesthetics and the new “air” that Chef himself wanted to give to his business and the values of the past that brought him to this day. The Serif aesthetic is the basis of the logo (also designed by Kommigraphics), while the Sans Serif typography allows good readability, giving space to the extensive content of the website.

The website is designed to work efficiently on all devices and screen resolutions, maintaining its special character and essence. A detailed study was done on all the pages that make it up, so that the final result that users see is easy to read, direct and easily accessible, from any device.

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